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Вобщем то тема о них самых, кто дружит с англом:Hip-Hop music and culture is truly a global phenomenon.
Since hip-hop and its cornerstone elements of breakdancing, graffiti,
MCing and DJing took root and quickly became renowned the world over,
Det, the founder of Germany's production team Snowgoons, has been a
mainstay in the international hip-hop scene. Teaming up with renowned
mixtape DJ Illegal in 1999 to form the basis of the Snowgoons
production unit, the Goons have since recorded tracks with some of
the US's and Europe's hottest up and coming hip-hop acts. Throughout
the years, the buzz surrounding the Snowgoons production team has
steadily escalated as their gritty, authentic and eclectic beats have
gained recognition in both the US as well as within the burgeoning
European Hip-Hop scene. Looking to expand their fast-growing empire,
Det and DJ Illegal completed the squad with the 2006 addition of two
more Goons: Torben and DJ Waxwork.
With four distinctive styles, The Snowgoons have earned a
well-deserved reputation as one of today's most accomplished and
versatile international production teams, evidenced in the breadth of
their track record to date. Having supplied aural ammo for some of
today's most revered independent hip-hop acts, including Boot Camp
Click's Sean Price, D.I.T.C.'s O.C., Jus Allah and J. Sands of The
Lone Catalysts, just to name a few, the 'Goons colonization of the
American rap scene has long been underway. ( а кто не дружит тыкаем суда копируем и переводим :) )
З.Ы завтра закину несколько альбомов на иксы( если скорость нормальная будет)
З.З.Ы совет модерам: если буит время прикрепите отдельно темы для Рурэпа и для иностранщины( ну и это можно поделить на андер и мэйнстрим, хотя это уже второстепенно)
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